Girls’ safety a concern in custody fight

Mom accused of not reporting sexual abuse; dad in Mexico seeks custody.North Florida Law Firm represent the Mom in this International custody battle covered by WJXT and featured

To understand the issues in this case, one needs to consider some basic rules of the law.  First and foremost is a parent’s right to raise their children.  However, exceptions to that right occur in cases of abuse and neglect.  The mother in this matter has been arrested and charged with criminal acts.  While she is in jail she obviously cannot care for her children.  The next person evaluated for placement is the children’s father.  In this matter the father is a Mexican citizen.  To complicate matters further he previously spent a substantial period of time in the U.S. as an illegal alien and was subsequently deported back to Mexico.  Conversations with attorneys who work in immigration law state that once an illegal immigrant is deported from the U.S., they are not allowed to return to the U.S.