As you know session is coming to an end and we are still fighting the good fight for the HOUSE version of the alimony bill. Despite many assurances to work with us and to compromise, language has not been agreed to with the Senate regarding the 50/50 presumption for timesharing.

We need all our members to encourage members of the Senate to pass the House bill (house bill 943) which passed out of the House last week and is en route to the Senate. We need phone calls made to all Senators explaining our support of the alimony bill and that it is good for Florida’s families. Further, please explain why the senate version is bad for Florida families, as there should not be a one size fits all determination for Timesharing and the presumption only invites custody litigation.

It is imperative that when you send these e-mails and make these calls you are calling as a person. Obviously the fact that we are lawyers is obvious with our e-mail addresses, but do the best you can to be sincere in the opinion and not canned. Also, it is a good idea to reiterate that the House bill has been a collaborative effort between all of the players. It is an amazing effort put forth by both the Family law Section, representatives Burton and Workman, Sen. Stargel, as well as the Alimony Reform folks.

If you have clients, friends and family members- have them make these calls also. The calls should not stop until the Senate hears it. This may be Mon/Tues of this week.

Below is a list of all Senate members we can contact…

Senate Members

Name    Party     District Contact Info       Office
              Abruzzo, Joseph
(D)          25           (850) 487-5025
Christine DonFrancesco (Wellington)      222 Senate Office Building 
               Altman, Thad
(R)          16           (850) 487-5016
Nancy Bernier (Cape Canaveral), Selene Bruns (Cape Canaveral), Rick Kendust (Cape Canaveral), Devon West (Cape Canaveral)          314 Senate Office Building 
               Bean, Aaron
(R)          4              (850) 487-5004
Dee Alexander (Jacksonville), Joseph Endicott (Jacksonville), Meghan Tarsitano (Jacksonville)    302 Senate Office Building 
               Benacquisto, Lizbeth
(R)          30           (850) 487-5030
Dane Bennett (Ft. Myers), Tamara Holliday (Ft. Myers), Matthew Hunter (Ft. Myers)      326 Senate Office Building 
               Bradley, Rob
(R)          7              (850) 487-5007
Steven Richardson (Orange Park), Rhett Roberts (Orange Park), Tonya Shays (Starke), Jason Welty (Tallahassee)                208 Senate Office Building 
               Brandes, Jeff
(R)          22           (850) 487-5022
Bobby Combs (St. Petersburg), Trent Phillips (St. Petersburg), Chris Spencer (St. Petersburg)      318 Senate Office Building 
               Braynon, Oscar
(D)          36           (850) 487-5036
Oneca Lowery (Miami Gardens), Katia Saint Fleur (Miami Gardens)          213 Senate Office Building 
               Bullard, Dwight
(D)          39           (850) 487-5039
Venusmia Fernandez-Lovely (Cutler Bay), Tyrell Hall (Cutler Bay), Aaron McKinney (Cutler Bay), Sean Nixon (Cutler Bay)       218 Senate Office Building 
               Clemens, Jeff
(D)          27           (850) 487-5027
Evelyn DuPlecy (Lake Worth), Chauncey Graham (Lake Worth), Melissa Santoro
226 Senate Office Building 
               Dean, Charles S. ”Charlie”
(R)          5              (850) 487-5005
Janet Oehmig (Inverness), Judy Wells (Inverness), Nicholas Abrahams (Ocala), Chase Daniels (Ocala)      311 Senate Office Building 
               Detert, Nancy
(R)          28           (850) 487-5028
Charlie Anderson (Venice), Rita Faulkner (Venice), GeeDee Kerr (Venice)            416 Senate Office Building 
               Diaz de la Portilla, Miguel
(R)          40           (850) 487-5040
Anabel Castillo (Miami), Julio Guillen (Miami), Patricia Gosney (Tallahassee)        406 Senate Office Building 
               Evers, Greg
(R)          2              (850) 487-5002
Ann McGraw (Pensacola), Dave Murzin (Pensacola), Sharon Brooks (Milton), Shannon Hardy (Milton)    308 Senate Office Building 
               Flores, Anitere
(R)          37           (850) 487-5037
Maria Chamorro (Miami), William McRea (Miami), Lissette Vasquez (Miami)        413 Senate Office Building 
               Gaetz (D), Don
(R)          1              (850) 487-5001
Emily Badraun (Destin), Allison Hess (Panama City), Melissa Ullery (Destin), Eric Edwards (Tallahassee)   420 Senate Office Building
               Galvano, Bill
(R)          26           (850) 487-5026
Whitney Deem (Bradenton), Brody Enwright (Bradenton),Kathy Galea (Bradenton), Amanda Romant (Bradenton)                330 Senate Office Building 
               Garcia, Rene
(R)          38           (850) 487-5038
Chastity Acosta (Hialeah), Jesus Tundidor (Hialeah)          310 Senate Office Building 
               Gardiner, Andy
(R)          13           (850) 487-5013
Gina Herron (Orlando), Kathy Johnson (Orlando), Stacy Vancamp-Garcia (Orlando)          409 Senate Office Building 
               Gibson, Audrey
(D)          9              (850) 487-5009
Farisha Hamid (Jacksonville), Teresa Williams-Elam (Jacksonville)               205 Senate Office Building 
               Grimsley, Denise
(R)          21           (850) 487-5021
Larry Ford (Sebring), Marty Mielke (Sebring), Anne Bell (Lake Wales), Andrea Jahna (Lake Wales)             306 Senate Office Building 
               Hays, Alan
(R)          11           (850) 487-5011
Nanci Cornwell (Umatilla), Jessica Crawford (Umatilla), Renee Hodges (Clermont)            320 Senate Office Building 
               Hukill, Dorothy L.
(R)          8              (850) 487-5008
Elizabeth Fetterhoff (Port Orange), Lindsey Swindle (Port Orange), Connie Mullis (Ocala)              305 Senate Office Building 
               Hutson, Travis
(R)          6              (850) 487-5006
Matthew Kauffmann, J.J. Whitson, 
312 Senate Office Building 
               Joyner, Arthenia
(D)          19           (850) 487-5019
Randi Rosete (Tampa), Rosalie Smith (Tampa), Kassandra Timothe (Tampa)         200 Senate Office Building 
               Latvala (J), Jack
(R)          20           (850) 487-5020
Tracy Caddell (Clearwater), Courtney Vandenberg (Clearwater), Brenda Johnson (Tallahassee)  408 Senate Office Building 
               Lee (T), Tom
(R)          24           (850) 487-5024
Audie Canney (Brandon), Douglas Roberts (Brandon), Pierce Schuessler
418 Senate Office Building 
               Legg, John
(R)          17           (850) 487-5017
Jim Browne (Lutz), Rich Reidy (Lutz), Becky Zizzo (Lutz)  316 Senate Office Building 
               Margolis, Gwen
(D)          35           (850) 487-5035
Daniel Bruno (Miami), Zoraida Druckman (Miami), Theresa Frederick (Tallahassee)           414 Senate Office Building 
               Montford, Bill
(D)          3              (850) 487-5003
Marilyn Barnes (Tallahassee), Melissa Durham (Tallahassee), Taylor Peck (Tallahassee), Marcia Mathis (Tallahassee)                214 Senate Office Building 
               Negron, Joe
(R)          32           (850) 487-5032
Holly Demers (Palm City), Carrie Lira (Palm City) 412 Senate Office Building 
               Richter, Garrett
(R)          23           (850) 487-5023
Rebecca ‘Becky’ Kokkinos (Naples), Sandra Mummert (Naples), Michael Nachef (Lehigh Acres)  404 Senate Office Building 
               Ring, Jeremy
(D)          29           (850) 487-5029
John Piskadlo (Margate), Sheldon Plotnick (Margate), Joel Ramos (Margate)       405 Senate Office Building 
               Sachs, Maria Lorts
(D)          34           (850) 487-5034
Matthew Damsky (Delray Beach), Gladys Ferrer (Delray Beach), Laura Jimenez (Delray Beach)   216 Senate Office Building 
               Simmons, David
(R)          10           (850) 487-5010
Valerie Clarke (Altamonte Springs), Diane Suddes (Altamonte Springs), Jean Van Smith (Altamonte Springs)        400 Senate Office Building 
               Simpson, Wilton
(R)          18           (850) 487-5018
Patty Harrison (New Port Richey), Judy Parker (New Port Richey), Mary Kassabaum (Brooksville)              322 Senate Office Building 
               Smith (C), Christopher L. 
(D)          31           (850) 487-5031
Diane Randolph (Fort Lauderdale), Sharonda Wright-Placide (Fort Lauderdale)   202 Senate Office Building 
               Sobel, Eleanor
(D)          33           (850) 487-5033
Nicole Graham (Hollywood), Yale Olenick (Hollywood), Jeremy Shir (Hollywood)               410 Senate Office Building 
               Soto, Darren
(D)          14           (850) 487-5014
Christine Biron (Kissimmee), Tracy Brooks (Kissimmee), Cecilia Cruz (Kissimmee)              220 Senate Office Building 
               Stargel, Kelli
(R)          15           (850) 487-5015
Rachel Barnes (Lakeland), Chad Davis (Lakeland), Chris Dowdy (Lakeland), Katie Martin (Lakeland)           324 Senate Office Building 
               Thompson, Geraldine F. 
(D)          12           (850) 487-5012
Clifton Addison (Orlando), Charlean Gatlin (Orlando)      210 Senate Office Building